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    I am a follower of the Sikh faith. Although I do not practice the rules and regulations of my faith fully, I have found through my own observations many of my beliefs correspond with the teachings of the ten gurus.

Description Of Sikhism:

Sikh Dharma is based on the concept of universal acceptance of all humanity and the belief in One Creator. Sikh Dharma began over 500 years ago with a simple message of truthful living. The universal nature of the Sikh path reaches out to people of all faiths and cultural backgrounds, encouraging us to see beyond our differences and to work together for world peace and harmony. The youngest of the great world religions, Sikh Dharma offers a wealth of technology and information, combining ancient technologies with modern scientific knowledge in a unique blend of Eastern and Western wisdom and techniques. Today there are over 20 million Sikhs worldwide.

Links: A great way to come in contact with Sikhs, world wide. A wealth of knowledge of the Sikh faith.