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Quotes and Quipps
 Welcome to the Quotes and Quipps page. Here I showcase poets of all kinds, including young poets. I also use this page for my philosophical forum, that is people send me snippets of their favorite philosopher's or their own work and I publish it. I am in constant need of material to post so if you would like anything posted just send me a copy. E-mail me @

Poetry: CENTER>A man may kiss, his wife goodbye

the wine may kiss, the frosted glass
a rose may kiss a butterfly
but you my friend, may kiss my @$$
I thought this one was quite saucy and amusing, what do you think?
When will I see you again?
In the sunshine or in the rain.
With all your love and beauty,
Or with your spite and enmity.
Every time your near me, flowers
Bloom, even in torrential showers.
Your smile is like the dawn,
Your thought and intellect are more beautiful than you.
And as I remember we lay there upon the lawn,
I looked to heaven then saw it on earth.
Yet again one question revives this mirth,
When will I see you again?
Written By: Pardeep Basra


"He who laughs last, clearly does not get the joke"
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