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[00:30|LionSabre {AKA Sukra}]
Sorry people it's kinda hard to blog without internet access at home (where the best ideas come from) but I thought i'd update my page a little and make a blog;
Check out this basketball blooper


[10:41|LionSabre {AKA Sukra}]
Hey there party people!
sorry i haven't blogged for a while it's kinda hard when you have to use the schools internet
getting cable soon!
webcam up and running in about a month
with totally revamped page!(no more free shit)
Peace Love and Tenderness to everyone I know
(special shouts to Tripledubb, Wallace, Randip, and everyone else in Vancouver)


[18:41|LionSabre {AKA Sukra}]
Sorry People
I haven't been able to make a blog lately, (very busy week)
finally in PG, whoooooo hooooooo!!
Check out where I'm going to school


[13:29|LionSabre {AKA Sukra}]
my GOD a desk made entirely out of LEGO
Check out the page @

[10:50|LionSabre {AKA Sukra}]
"Software Piraters are always involved with drugs guns and organized crime"
that means I must be in some sort of trouble


[23:56|LionSabre {AKA Sukra}]
Those of you who went to the system oem confrence for Microsoft
Kain and I both got Windows Millenium...

[14:54|LionSabre {AKA Sukra}]
Of course, everyone knows that laser-sealed borosilicate glass vials that are internally coated with phosphor will create a cold energy that produces a light source when injected with gaseous tritium. It's as plain as the nose on your face.
Check out the place where MEN buy stuff

[11:07|LionSabre {AKA Sukra}]
arg sorry peeps
havn't posted for a while or made any updates to page

[11:00|LionSabre {AKA Sukra}]
Pretty Kewl but kinda useless
[From Seth@werk

[09:29|LionSabre {AKA Sukra}]
I got 4 words for you
"Six feet of HEAT!"
(props go out to 93.3 the cube (seatle) for a great morning show)


[17:32|LionSabre {AKA Sukra}]
Dad's Laptop came in sweet!!
it's a toshiba
with DVD!!


[16:46|LionSabre {AKA Sukra}]
need a nap...
and some of grandma's messe parotay (again transliteration may not be correct)

[14:25|LionSabre {AKA Sukra}]
Kain just got a new DVD ("Ghost Dog")
The only problem is that he doesn't own a DVD Player...
I'm gona get the playstation 2 in about 8 months

[11:08|LionSabre {AKA Sukra}]
puter coming in today
wwoooooo hooooooooooooo

[00:53|LionSabre {AKA Sukra}]
can't werk on page for a while gotta werc on "getting it together" for PG wrapping everything up into a tidy little package for going away you know what yesterday was rukeree (transliteration is slightly off, I wish I could type in Punjabi....) day wallet got lighter... (I have mostly female cousins and a sister)
(luckily only my sister gave me one whew...:)
Don't Worry the otherones are coming...

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