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[13:29|LionSabre {AKA Sukra}]
my GOD a desk made entirely out of LEGO
Check out the page @

[10:50|LionSabre {AKA Sukra}]
"Software Piraters are always involved with drugs guns and organized crime"
that means I must be in some sort of trouble


[23:56|LionSabre {AKA Sukra}]
Those of you who went to the system oem confrence for Microsoft
Kain and I both got Windows Millenium...

[14:54|LionSabre {AKA Sukra}]
Of course, everyone knows that laser-sealed borosilicate glass vials that are internally coated with phosphor will create a cold energy that produces a light source when injected with gaseous tritium. It's as plain as the nose on your face.
Check out the place where MEN buy stuff

[11:07|LionSabre {AKA Sukra}]
arg sorry peeps
havn't posted for a while or made any updates to page

[11:00|LionSabre {AKA Sukra}]
Pretty Kewl but kinda useless
[From Seth@werk

[09:29|LionSabre {AKA Sukra}]
I got 4 words for you
"Six feet of HEAT!"
(props go out to 93.3 the cube (seatle) for a great morning show)


[17:32|LionSabre {AKA Sukra}]
Dad's Laptop came in sweet!!
it's a toshiba
with DVD!!


[16:46|LionSabre {AKA Sukra}]
need a nap...
and some of grandma's messe parotay (again transliteration may not be correct)

[14:25|LionSabre {AKA Sukra}]
Kain just got a new DVD ("Ghost Dog")
The only problem is that he doesn't own a DVD Player...
I'm gona get the playstation 2 in about 8 months

[11:08|LionSabre {AKA Sukra}]
puter coming in today
wwoooooo hooooooooooooo

[00:53|LionSabre {AKA Sukra}]
can't werk on page for a while gotta werc on "getting it together" for PG wrapping everything up into a tidy little package for going away you know what yesterday was rukeree (transliteration is slightly off, I wish I could type in Punjabi....) day wallet got lighter... (I have mostly female cousins and a sister)
(luckily only my sister gave me one whew...:)
Don't Worry the otherones are coming...


[09:39|LionSabre {AKA Sukra}]
Hey everybody
I'm gonna be on res in PG

[09:16|LionSabre {AKA Sukra}]
More pics, if your not punjabi, these may not make much sense
bacardi and coke...


[22:26|LionSabre {AKA Sukra}]
Is the sound getting annoying,

[17:10|LionSabre {AKA Sukra}]
Ethenol powered engineering...
Sobe Powered Development...

[16:44|LionSabre {AKA Sukra}]
hello to my friends all over the werld
hey arty

[09:18|LionSabre {AKA Sukra}]
Back to werc today....
coming soon and

[00:32|LionSabre {AKA Sukra}]
Hey Son, I wish success in school so I can sleep. Work hard, do your best and bring home a report card for great rewards for you and me.
To you students out there, education is the key to unlock your dreams, don't be fooled by "the here and now" happiness for only a moment.
Blogged By A loving Mother

[00:24|LionSabre {AKA Sukra}]
sorry haven't made a post for a while
...busy partying (nice Hawaian Party Danielle thnx)


[11:14|LionSabre {AKA Sukra}]
"Baby Trouble"

[10:37|LionSabre {AKA Sukra}]
wooo hoooo
gonna get a prerelease of win millenium

[09:37|LionSabre {AKA Sukra}]
so sorry derek
you slept in today and I couldn't give you a ride to werk
@ least you got the rest you need


[17:36|LionSabre {AKA Sukra}]
thnx for lunch mom
it was a nice break from werk.

[17:28|LionSabre {AKA Sukra}]
everyone needs a stamp that says: "TI KCUF"

[14:42|LionSabre {AKA Sukra}]
MOM WHERE ARE YOU??? You said an hour not 2 and a half almost 3!

[08:58|LionSabre {AKA Sukra}]
varlez pous francais?


[22:41|LionSabre {AKA Sukra}]
kcuFin' $h!t
the bastards @ wont let me host my page there
anyone know somewhere where I can get the same services elsewhere?
mail me

[15:33|LionSabre {AKA Sukra}]
Why pay for things if you can get them for free!
free stuff

note to self use this site for samples

[14:00|LionSabre {AKA Sukra}]
who ever this is you have an excelent site
how much time do you spend doing your own site?

[13:17|LionSabre {AKA Sukra}]
very kewl flash site

[13:14|LionSabre {AKA Sukra}]
Man I didn't sleep till it was time to leave for work
getting some urls:

[02:40|LionSabre {AKA Sukra}]

[02:39|LionSabre {AKA Sukra}]
Peoples Pimp: U know what man.....Fate works in some strange ways
Sukra: I agree it also has interesting twist here and there kinda like the swirls on a giant lolipop after it's been out in the sun for a while

[02:14|LionSabre {AKA Sukra}]
it's amazing what lack of sleep can do while your sick

[02:00|LionSabre {AKA Sukra}]
hey if you know of anychanges that sould be made mail me

[01:58|LionSabre {AKA Sukra}]
Heee heee! SOUND!

[01:07|LionSabre {AKA Sukra}]
check it out!!!
new layout for the site
will be adding a few things taking away from others
it'll take some time for this site...
damnit I need to sleep...


[20:38|LionSabre {AKA Sukra}]
You know what I just realized...
I spend way too much tiem on the internet
just like the other citezens of the web werld
those are just two of the "slackers, hackers code crackers" i know

[19:30|LionSabre {AKA Sukra}]
craving frosted flakes
'cause they're gggggggggrrrrrrrreat!!!

[19:30|LionSabre {AKA Sukra}]
craving frosted flakes
'cause they're gggggggggrrrrrrrreat!!!

[15:47|LionSabre {AKA Sukra}]
testing new quote style

[15:33|LionSabre {AKA Sukra}]
well now I werk for a place called tripledubb tech.
check it out

[15:14|LionSabre {AKA Sukra}]
okok I think I got this now
I just needed an exploratory session

email me whatever and if it gets the paw of approval then i'll post it

[14:44|LionSabre {AKA Sukra}]
Well this is my first message... i'm kinda new to blogger so it'll take me some time to get used to it I'll add better content soon Peace Love and Tenderness --Partyman Pardeep
a friend of a friend of a friend got me hooked to this

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