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Fairmile accepts responsibility for leadership in the promotion of safe work practices.  Supervisors are responsible for developing the proper attitudes toward safety in the minds of all site personnel and for ensuring that all operations are performed safely.  Employees are responsible for genuine cooperation with all aspects of safe practices as outlined by the company safety program and the Workers' Compensation Board.  This includes compliance with all rules and regulations and the application of "good common sense."


Our safety training policy is to provide general and specialized instructions for safety throughout all levels of operations.  Employees participate in safety training programs offered by the company either "in-house" or by outside sources.  This training includes new employee safety orientation, job-specific training, general and specialized training.  In addition, our supervisors continually monitor and coach each employee on a one-to-one basis in an informal atmosphere, as and where required.


Fairmile maintains a regular program of safety inspections to ensure that the jobsite operates in accordance with safe work practices.  The objective is to eliminate hazardous conditions in the workplace.  Inspections are conducted on a formal and informal basis.  Formal inspections are conducted by a qualified safety officer in accordance with a schedule that will be determined prior to the start of construction.  Informal inspections will be conducted by supervisors and company management at any time without prior notice.


The company will thoroughly investigate and report on all incidents that result in injury or property damage, as well as incidents that could have caused injury or property damage.  The purpose of such an investigation will be to determine and eliminate the cause in an attempt to prevent a reoccurrence.  Supervisors and management are then responsible for implementing corrective action.


The company does not jeopardize the safety of any worker or the public for the sake of economy or speed of operation.  Safety will always have the highest priority on every jobsite controlled by Fairmile