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1. Fairmile's teams of professionals are committed to direct all their experience, resources, and energies toward the realization of a successful project.  The result is a skillfully constructed facility.

2. The cost of construction is always an owner's concern. Fairmile has the proven ability to construct a facility in a most cost-effective manner without sacrificing quality.
3. We realize that the cost of a building does not end with the capital expenditure for construction.  We direct extensive detail toward the minimizing of long-term maintenance and operating costs.
4. Expeditious scheduling will ensure that minimal transition costs are incurred by the owner.  We monitor the on-going construction progress to ensure projects are completed on or ahead of time.
5. Safety on the jobsite is of primary concern to all of our construction personnel.  Fairmile has established an extensive safety program and enforces the strict adherence to same.
6. It is imperative to all-building owners and users that the constructor be available to provide service during and after the building warranty period.  Fairmile's corporate philosophy stresses the provision of exceptional service after project completion.
7. Being an open-shop contractor Fairmile has developed a relationship of mutual trust and respect with employees and subtrades.

8. With emphasis placed on long term working relationships with our subtrades, Fairmile's clients benefit from:

· The most competitive pricing
· Attentive service and commitment to the project
· Highest quality workmanship
· The greatest value per dollar spent

9. Reputation.  We at Fairmile are proud of the fine reputation earned over the past years.  We encourage all prospective clients to consult our extensive list of references to verify this.